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Flood situation deteriorated again in Sunamganj

Fazle Rabbi Khan

ডিবিসি নিউজ

বুধবার ২৯শে জুন ২০২২ ০১:৪০:৩৯ অপরাহ্ন
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The flood situation has deteriorated again in Sunamganj due to continuous heavy rains. As a result, the flood affected people are spending their days in fear.

In Sunamganj, the water of Surma and other rivers is rising. However, it is still flowing 14 cm below the danger mark.

Flooded roads in different areas have been flooded again. Surma water has risen by three to six centimeters at two points in Sylhet due to torrential rains last night. People in low lying areas are suffering due to prolonged floods.

Meanwhile, water started infiltrating the low lying areas of Dharla, Teesta, Brahmaputra and Dudhkumar. In Sherpur, floodwaters washed away houses, poultry farms, rural roads, wooden and iron bridges. Besides, Aush paddy has been damaged and hundreds of hectares of Aman seedbeds have been destroyed.

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